SIC Success Stories : Rizon Solar

We recently spoke to Terry Doyle, owner of Rizon Solar and SIC Certified Solar Installer, about his thoughts on the industry and what made him turn to solar with his career. “I started doing solar installs shortly after my training in 2017.  A friend and I started a small installation company that did installs kind of part time.  I went…

Freedom Cannabis unveils largest rooftop solar system in Canada

Freedom Cannabis flipped the switch Tuesday on a rooftop solar system at its facility 20 kilometres west of Edmonton, claiming it is the largest such solar operation in Canada.  The cannabis grower describes the system as state-of-the-art, adding it will save the company money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The growing process requires immense amounts of energy for lights, heating, pumps and ventilation…

We appreciate the love!

We noticed from our online traffic that recommended us as one of Canada’s solar training facilities, saying that ” your installer should have a certified electrician on staff or contract, and have at least one person in-house with Solar PV design and installation training from the Solar Installers Canada…” Click here to read the entire article.

The Solar Installers Canada CSA Course has returned! Kicking off in Calgary, AB

Come in from the cold and get ready to celebrate spring with solar. Join us Nov. 19th – 22nd at our offices @ 3220-118AVE SE in Calgary, AB for the only nationally recognized PV Install Certification course in Canada. Learn the trade from industry professionals and innovators, with the most up to date equipment and practices available. We cover all…

New SIC website now live!

After a lot of hard work from our creative department, we’re proud to announce that Solar Installers Canada has launched its new website. The main focus was on improving the overall user experience for our students/users with a polished, updated appearance as well as general organizational and functionality improvements. We’ve also updated our online courses to include more current materials,…

South Korean solar highway

In South Korea, on the highway between Daejeon and Sejong, there’s a 20 mile stretch of solar panels covering the bike path in the middle of the highway. Aside from producing a fair amount of energy for them (enough to cover the highway’s lighting and other applications) they also protect cyclists from the heat of the sun. Already having enough…

Largest solar farm in Canada coming to southern Alberta

The largest solar energy project in Canada has received provincial approval and the company hopes to start construction in southern Alberta next year.  “It will be, by far, the largest solar energy project in Canada and one of the largest in the world,” said Dan Balaban, president and CEO of Greengate, the Calgary-based company behind the array.  He says the…

Good news for patio season!

Randy and Denise Rowe say they’ve tripled their craft beer production three years after launching Off Grid Ales on the shores of Harvey Lake.  Using only solar panels and a wind turbine to generate power, the Rowes have expanded their output from six barrels per week to as many as 20 barrels at their business about 45 kilometres southwest of Fredericton.…

Awesome news for Airdrie, Alberta

3,800 solar panels have been installed on top of Airdrie’s Genesis Place Recreation Centre. It is expected to meet up to 30% of the facility’s energy needs and will reduce their annual operating costs by up to $80,000. “Airdrie is proud to be leading the way in Canada with respect to the generation of solar energy through municipal infrastructure,” For…

Penhold Multiplex solar panel project underway

Over the next four weeks, more than 1,000 solar panels will be installed on top of the Penhold Multiplex. “This project creates an opportunity for a green energy focus on an existing building reducing our carbon footprint while also reducing operating costs for our facility,” For the original story, click here

Town of Raymond, AB going solar

A small town in southern Alberta plans to power itself using only solar panels — believed to be a first in Canada.  The Town of Raymond is in the process of installing about 2,700 solar panels on top of all of its municipal buildings.

The Shuswap has a new solar company in town

A new company in Salmon Arm is helping residents reduce their carbon footprint by installing solar panels and providing other solar power related services. Joost de Bruijn, founder of A+ Solar Solutions, went into business in September 2018. His company provides site surveys, independent advice, designs, sales and project management as well as installation of solar systems to the Shuswap. We…

Edmonton Convention Centre will soon receive an energy-conscious upgrade

The City of Edmonton will fund a $10.8-million project to modernize the atrium of the Edmonton Conference Centre, which the city owns. Approximately half of the building’s 697 sloped glass panels will be replaced with photovoltaic units — also known as solar panels — to create the largest building-integrated solar panel installation in Canada. The solar cells will be transparent…

SARM signs MOU

A move in the right direction by the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities & the First Nation Power Authority! “The MOU is an agreement to explore opportunities for research collaborations in Saskatchewan Indigenous communities and rural municipalities and their development, together with their roles in renewable energy policies, processes, ownership and production.” For the original story, click here

Graduating Class of 06/19

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2019 SIC CSA Course – Saskatoon graduates! It was a pleasure having each of you in class, we look forward to seeing what you accomplish in the future!

Farewell, Fredericton!

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2019 Fredericton, NB SIC CSA Course graduates! 🎉 We wish you all the best of luck in your future solar endeavours!!

Shaw sets spotlight on former SIC graduate

Belar is a former SIC student and graduate! Take a look at what he’s been up to. Education advancement is the key to your achievements! We wish you luck and success with your light tower project Belar!

Fredericton CSA course off to a great start!

Our Fredericton, NB SIC CSA Course – Day 1 is well under way this morning! Are you interested in taking the next step in your solar based career? If so, let’s get you SIC Certified just like the good folks of Fredericton!

Good turn out at the Fredericton home show!

Thanks to everyone that came out to see us at the Fredericton Home Show. See you again soon.

Check out Grid-guard!

This Canadian company has cutting edge technology for large off-grid and mini-grid power applications. Turn-key solutions for green power distribution systems!

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to all our friends and students across Canada and the rest of the world. Have a good one, see you in 2019!

Learn Off-grid systems today

Do you want to learn how to install Solar off-grid systems?Take our online off-grid solar course and get supported by Solar Installers Canada today.

SIC’s CSA course now accepted in NS

Very excited to see that SIC’s CSA course is accepted training for new installers in Nova Scotia! Always nice to see provinces expect the highest standards from installers. If you want to help customers get the provincial rebate in NS, our course gets you the knowledge you need!

New Partnership with MatrixInfinity

Solar Installers Canada makes understanding solar products simple, and we are helping to make installing solar products easy too. We have partnered with Matrix Infinity to train new dealers of their Off-Grid, Marine and RV solar kits. Now anyone who wants to start a solar business can benefit with turnkey solar kits and training support from SIC.

Farewell, Vancouver

Thank you Vancouver! As always, its been fun! Thanks for the laughs, new friends and of course, the scenery! Next stop… Nanaimo!

College aims for 100% renewability

UH’s Maui College will be among the first campuses in the nation to generate 100% of its energy from an on-site solar installation, coupled with battery storage, by this time in 2019. For the original story, click here

New Delhi adding 1gW to the grid by 2020

New Delhi aims to add 1GigaWatt of green energy to their grid by 2020 by making rooftop solar panels compulsory in residential areas. For the original story, click here

Farewell, Edmonton

As always, the Edmonton course gave us the chance to meet others interested in the solar industry. An amazing bunch of people! Every course brings new ideas and new friendships. Stay in touch my friends. As always, it was such a pleasure to spend time with you!

Get your CSA Course today!

GET YOUR CSA SOLAR CERTIFIED COURSE HERE!This is our flagship course. We have and will continue to be very proud of our ability to offer this course, which is a pre-requisite to writing the CSA PV Certification (PVSC) test. CSA has a long record of accomplishment in developing high standards, and we continue that tradition. This course is designed with…

Farewell, Halifax!

What a great group of people in Halifax. I really had a great time! Plenty of SIC CSA Certified people to handle solar now!

Congrats, Lorena and Evolve Green

Congrats to a great company with 10 years under their belt! Fantastic people who just love their work! Always nice to be able to share the stories from the industry. Good Job Lorena and your team! Link to the post

Evolve Green

That is a big one! Beautiful work all! Evolve Green has been doing this for a while in MB, check them out in our listed directory if you want some solar in your area, and yes they are SIC certified!

Solar in your Condo? Learn how

If you’re thinking of going solar but think it’s not possible because you live in a condo, check out how this couple made it happen.

SIC returning to BC

Due to the large amount of requests, dates are now available for both Vancouver (Burnaby) and Nanaimo CSA PV course! Hurry to get your seats, this will fill up fast!

10 incredible Solar Installations

From the first solar module on top a New York City building to “The Great Wall of Solar”, humanity continues its quest towards a more sustainable future. Link Here

Passing through Ontario

Have you been to Niagra Falls? Ontario really is the beginnings of the solar industry in Canada. Have seen so so much solar here on this trip! Love Ontario. The people are awesome and so is the scenery.

Headed for St.John!

Well it was a crazy drive from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay but we made it! Spend the night then off to Sault Ste Marie for another night… Cant wait for the course in Saint John NB! It is always so much fun to meet more solar people… I may have the best job in the world!

Farewell, Winnipeg!

Met some great people in Winnipeg! Was an awesome course! I know this group of people can handle anything in the solar industry! Of you are thinking of solar for your project in Manitoba check out our directory of installers to get a hold of one of these fine companies! To all those that came out, it was my pleasure…

Smart windows bringing solar to your home

It looks like smart windows are right around the corner. Not only are they able to automatically darken when it is bright outside, but can actively produce electricity when in that dark state. For the original story, click here

Ukraine begins construction on solar power plant in chernobyl

In an effort by Ukraine to break itself from it’s addiction to Russian energy, they have begun construction of the world’s largest solar power plant in the Chernobyl nuclear wasteland. For the original story, click here

Solar aircraft becoming more plausible?

In 2016, a prototype plane built by Solar Impulse with a single pilot flew around the world on nothing but solar energy, a first for humanity. Now, a number of companies are trying to take that test flight from prototype to commercial viability. For the original story, click here

Battery “bottles” sunlight

Thermal batteries today are where electrical batteries were a century ago, there are exciting applications we’re only starting to understand.” Dr. Jeffrey Grossman, a materials scientist at MIT For the original story, click here

Farewell, Regina!

SIC CSA Course Regina was so much fun as always! I really had a great time talking with everyone about my love of Solar. The trip from Calgary to Regina was a short drive, the weather was great when I got to Regina, but i sure did end up getting a taste for the Canadian Prairies in the winter by…

Scientist find a way to create liquid fuel from solar

Scientist have discovered that by using a bacterium, or a Bionic Leaf, to convert the hydrogen from water, plus carbon dioxide, they can create liquid fuel isopropanol. For the original story, click here

Nissan leaf owners in japan given solar options

Buyers of the 2018 Nissan LEAF in some areas of Japan will have the option of putting solar to work at home in order to power their house and charge their new electric car, and to do so without having to take out a big loan to pay for it. For the original story, click here

Old coal mines being recycled

TransAlta has retired one of its coal power generating units at its Sundance plant near Edmonton and will say goodbye to three more units over the next year and a half. They will be replaced by a mix of natural gas and renewable sources. For the original story, click here

Australia Communities turn to micro-grids

The vast distance covered by Australian energy distribution networks presents a serious problem: How do you get energy generated from point A to a user at point B, and how much will it cost? Some communities are turning to Microgrids, autonomous energy distribution systems that operate off the main grid. For the original story, click here

Get your Bronze Certificate now!

SIC Bronze certification is your gateway to the world of solar. Learn the system design requirements to be competitive in the renewable energy sector. The Grid-Tie video walkthrough is one of many tutorials included with the Bronze certification package.

World’s biggest floating solar project now operational

Last month the world’s biggest floating solar project began operating in the eastern Chinese city of Huainan. The 150-megawatt (MW) project consists of panels floating on a lake formed in a collapsed coal mine. When completed in May, it will power 94,000 homes. The world is quickly abandoning coal, the dirtiest of fossil fuels. But that’s not the end of…

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to our friends around the world! Looking forward to another lovely year in 2018!

Bronze Certification now online

Bronze Certification Course & Video Tutorial Package This is an absolute must if you are looking to start solar as a business or even want to install it yourself on your own home. Learn from the pros!

CSA PV course goes on the road

CSA Solar Course – Traveling Across Canada Time and Locations: SIC REGINA CSA COURSE January 8, 2018 – January 11, 2018 9:00 am – 5:00 pm LOCATION: TRAVELODGE CONFERENCE CENTRE – 4177 ALBERTA STREET SOUTH SIC WINNIPEG CSA COURSE January 18, 2018 – January 23, 2018 9:00 am – 5:00 pm LOCATION: CANADA INNS TRANSCONA – 826 REGENT AVE WEST…

Intro to Solar Course Now available

This 6 hour course is designed to get you started on your road to Photovoltaic understanding. Spend the day with us learning about all things solar. We will bring you up to speed on the technology that is currently out there and talk about how solar actually works. This is the perfect class for the beginner. If you are considering…

New Open-house

Solar Installers Canada is pleased to invite you to our open house! We understand that good information about solar is hard to find, so come and learn from the pros! We will be discussing the viability of solar in our Canadian market. Does solar work in Canada? How does the cold affect production? What type of equipment is required? Return…

Farewell, Nanaimo!

Awesome time in Nanaimo! Thanks so much to all that came out to learn about solar. Hope to see you all soon… maybe a silver course package in Nanaimo could be a thing.

Farewell, Burnaby!

SIC’s Burnaby’s Bronze Course was a great success! We had a great time with good people and we just wanted to say thank you for attending!

Does solar work in Canada?

-WEBINAR- This free 45 min Webinar will discuss the viability of Photovoltaic generation in our Canadian market. We will cover the following discussion points: -How is equipment rated and why that makes solar a great match for the great white north -The different types of equipment and components that go into a grid ties solar array -Goals of a grid…

Learn solar with us and get SIC certified.

-WEBINAR- Solar Installers Canada is a leading solar training institute in Canada. We are now offering our Introduction to Solar and System Sizing Courses which are the prerequisites to writing our (SIC) Bronze Certification. These courses are a must if you plan to sell solar.

Farewell, The Pas!

SIC had a great time in The Pas Manitoba training some enthusiastic people. Thanks so much Remi Rheault and your lovely wife for being wonderful hosts. I know that Manitoba solar is in good hands with all the fantastic people we trained. Thanks for having us!

SIC Coming to Burnaby, BC

Join Solar Installers Canada at the Confederation Centre in Burnaby, BC August 19th and 20th for our Bronze Certification course. This course will cover both the Introduction to Solar as well as the System Sizing Course. Completing this course will qualify you for the SIC Bronze Certification.

SIC coming to The Pas, MB

We will be offering our Bronze-Level Certification course in The Pas, Manitoba. Book your seats today! Hope to see you there!

SIC Coming to Kimberly, BC

Solar Installers Canada (SIC) is coming to Kimberley and area! Take our Introduction to Solar and System Sizing Courses. Fantastic course for businesses thinking or entering into this vibrant industry of solar power! These courses are packed full of information and qualify you to take our Bronze level certification exam.

RV Solar Course now available

JUST RELEASED OUR RV SOLAR COURSE! Learn how to install solar on RV’s and Trailers. Gain hands on experience with installing and maintaining your RV solar system.

Off Grid Solar Course now available

JUST RELEASED OUR OFF-GRID SOLAR COURSE! Many people have been waiting for us to launch our off-grid solar course and it has now been released.

5-day Solar course for Electricians

CSA Prerequisite Hands-On 5-Day Electrician Solar Course Sign up for the Alberta Job Grant and get covered for 65% of the course. This course is for electricians and apprentices.

New location: Grand Opening

Join us for the grand opening of our new training facility! We are hosting a free 3-hour course outlining the basics of solar energy. Limited Seats Available SIGN UP TODAY!

Get Certified!

Get your SIC Certification and get listed on Canada’s #1 Solar Installers Directory. We advertise your installation services with certificates of completion. Get certified and get listed today!

Check out our new facility

Some shots of our facility  Check availability and course details at our course pages!

Tech Talk down at Bucars RV

Come on down to Bucars Rv this Saturday at 1pm. Our awesome instructor Chris Williamson is going to be talking about battery tech and solar panels for the RV market. Book your seats to this free event at

Alberta announcing rebate program

The Alberta government is putting up $36 million over two years for a rebate program to encourage rooftop solar panels on homes and businesses. Environment Minister Shannon Phillips says more details are to come and the rebates are to be available as early as this summer. So here comes the BOOM! Get training before it gets here! We offer a…

Take advantage of our Installers Directory!

Use our “Solar Installers Directory” and get quotes today! Select a single installer or select the entire province and get multiple quotes all at once! We screen all listed solar installers and make sure they have the proper certifications which are listed on their profile. This is a free directory service offered by Solar Installers Canada (SIC) Canada’s Premium Solar…

New course dates

New course dates just got added. Get them while you can!

Clearing confusion around solar energy

To find out if snow is a solar killer, NAIT’s Alternative Energy Program installed a reference array in Edmonton, Alberta and found they only lost 5% of solar production to snow. Considering Edmonton receives 60% more solar radiation than Hamburg, Germany solar production in the Canadian city is still 55% better than Hamburg that exists at the same latitude a…

Happy Holidays!

From our family, to yours! We are looking forward to seeing you in 2017!

Fire Hall going Solar

Beautiful array in Alberta installed by Momentum Solar. Find them in our listed directory! If you have a great install you want us to share send the info off to Northern Sunrise County, about 500 kilometres northwest of Edmonton, installed 88 panels that went into service last week on the roof of the St. Isidore/Three Creeks fire station, Reeve Garrett…

Solar getting cheaper

A transformation is happening in global energy markets that’s worth noting as 2016 comes to an end: Solar power, for the first time, is becoming the cheapest form of new electricity.  This has happened in isolated projects in the past: an especially competitive auction in the Middle East, for example, resulting in record-cheap solar costs. Now un-subsidized solar is beginning to out-compete coal…

More course dates!

You wanted so you go t it! More dates added! Check course dates and book right online! Get in quick as they can book up fast!

Solar solves Samoan energy crisis

Ta’u is an island in American Samoa that lies 4,000 miles off the west coast of the U.S. For years, the island’s 600 residents were completely dependent on oil imported on ships from the U.S., Asia, Central America, and Australia to run its diesel generators. But when the ships didn’t show up, the island was left in darkness. “I recall…

Program giving loans to Halifax homeowners for Solar

A program which offers homeowners in Halifax loans to put solar panels on their houses is back — in an expanded form — following a two-year pilot project. Almost 400 solar systems were installed on homes around the city during the pilot project phase, which ended in 2015. Now, Halifax regional councilors have approved the continuation of the Solar City program for…

We’ve heard, and are here.

Where else can you go from classroom to elevated rooftop hands on to off grid to RV all in the same place? Training like no other, We offer SIC courses, CSA courses and OH&S safety courses… all in one place! Canada’s newest and best solar training is here!

We are Canada’s Solar Installers Directory

Solar Installers Canada (SIC) is Canada’s Solar Installers Directory Choose your installers and get quotes today!(SIC) is a free listing site and is always looking for qualified installers (Join Today)

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