After a lot of hard work from our creative department, we’re proud to announce that Solar Installers Canada has launched its new website. The main focus was on improving the overall user experience for our students/users with a polished, updated appearance as well as general organizational and functionality improvements. We’ve also updated our online courses to include more current materials, with a better appearance and course structure.

The “Introduction to Solar” course is also now fully available and free of charge! Not to mention our SIC Solar Handbook is now available for purchase online, shipped to anywhere in Canada! A perfect resource and study guide for our Online Course.

SIC Solar Handbook

Our new site also boasts a new and improved Installer Directory, with more control over what is displayed and how your company chooses to advertise itself. Check out some of our current listings here, or see about having your own company listed.

SIC Installer Directory updated

A huge thanks to all of our supporters and students both past and present, we hope to see you around!

SIC Training

If you have any comments or concerns about the new website, leave a comment here or on our social media links. We can also be reached from the “Contact Us” page. Your feedback is what helps us give you the best possible product.

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