SIC Online Solar Course


From homeowners to working professionals you can now learn at your own pace with SIC Online Solar Course. Designed by industry-leading professionals to make sure you have all the knowledge for a successful install.

Step by step, easy to follow lessons and videos will walk you through the most common installs used today.

Grid-tie, Off-grid, Marine and RV sector are all components we cover in this course.

A desire to learn is the only prerequisite. Sign up, and start your certification today.

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Get your SIC BRONZE Certificate by completing the SIC Online Solar Course, giving you proficiency in the fundamental basics of solar technology and system sizing.

Here are the topics covered in the course;

Grid-Tie Solar Systems

  • What Are Grid-Tied Systems
  • Grid-Tie Hardware Components
  • System Sizing & Code Requirements
  • Grid-Tie Design
  • Safety First

Off-Grid Solar Course

  • Introduction to Off-Grid
  • Off-Grid System Components
  • Sizing and Designing Off-Grid Systems
  • Off-grid System Sizing
  • Off-grid System Design

Marine & RV Solar

  • Intro to Mobile Solar Installations
  • What will I need for my RV?

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