We recently spoke to Terry Doyle, owner of Rizon Solar and SIC Certified Solar Installer, about his thoughts on the industry and what made him turn to solar with his career.

“I started doing solar installs shortly after my training in 2017.  A friend and I started a small installation company that did installs kind of part time.  I went out on my own in June 2019 and started Rizon Solar.”

There’s a couple of things make us preferable from other installers: 

  • We offer Canadian made solar panels whenever possible.
  • We custom design every installation and don’t push a single system or panel, we come up with what works best for our customers for their situation and budget.  
  • We are a local company with great friendly customer service

One of the first words most people think of when they think “Solar Energy” is “Freedom”. Terry wasn’t any different.

“I decided to get into solar because I was sick of working away from home in the oil fields and wanted work closer to home in the Okanagan.”

Now, working closer to home is something we can all relate to wanting. But how has business been? With more and more people turning to solar energy as a means of reducing their carbon footprint and shaving electrical off of utility bills, Rizon Solar has seen its fair share of success since they opened.

“Rizon Solar is barely 6 months old but we have already surpassed the 100KW mark.  Next spring we have plans to continue growing in the Okanagan as well as set up satellite companies in other cities. We have done some larger residential systems; 20.8kw, 17.8kw. The largest being around 23.1kw.”

“I think the future for solar is bright.  There is still so much room for expansion into new markets and uses that haven’t even been thought of yet.  Just the other day I was asked if it would be possible to install a panel on an electric…..thing that I’ve never thought to market to.  I’ll get back to you on that and let you know how it goes.”

Rizon Solar is among several of our SIC Certified businesses that are finding success in an ever expanding frontier. Photovoltaics are getting stronger by the day, how do you want to leave your mark on the industry?

Check out Rizon Solar’s website here, or take a look at some of our PV Energy courses to get started with Solar.

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